5 Creative Ways To Make Money in 2018

There are different ways to make money quick without getting hired by someone. Today, we will be looking at Five Creative Ways To Make Money in 2018.


1. Paint, Sculpt, Draw, Print and Make Art

Consider what other crafty creations you could sell. From screen printed T-shirts to framed prints or comic books, find a creative product that works for you.

Think outside the box here: Sculptor Aaron Lewis creates and sells latex monster masks for $60 to $400 each, depending on the design.


2. Design And Sell T-Shirts

This is a fantastic money making system. You can make thousands of dollar every month by design T-shirt and start selling online to make more income. The great thing about this is that T-Shirts are more than just pictures – funny sayings and phrases work very well too. Two of the most popular sites to sell T-Shirts on are Zazzle and Cafepress.


3. Write, publish and sell an e-book

Looking for a good way to earn some passive income? Write and publish an e-book on Amazon or even self-publish on your own by creating a downloadable PDF. Start by choosing a topic you’re familiar with. For example, it can be an educational resource, a how-to guide, or fictional stories.

The Internet is full of articles on how to write and publish an e-book for a very little up-front cost. Make sure to educate yourself on the ins and outs of this lucrative industry.


4. Create an Information Product

More complex than an ebook, an information product is often a package of resources that provides in-depth advice on a particular subject. Sometimes including video or audio recordings in addition to text, info products pack a lot of training into one package, and their price often reflects that.

For example, Chris Guillebeau’s Unconventional Guides generally include a PDF ebook, additional resource sheets, checklists, audio and video interviews with subject experts, and other tools.


5. Give Lessons

Whether you’re a champion chess player, an accomplished violinist or a wizard at creating the perfect smoky eye, chances are someone wants to learn your skill.

Share your expertise through word-of-mouth; make sure friends know about your awesome abilities. If you’d like to teach something that might be useful for students, such as music, art or chess, ask your tutor friends to recommend you to their clients.

Consider starting your own YouTube channel by uploading short videos that teach small, bite-sized elements of your skill.


The bottom line

If there is something you enjoy doing, you can find a way to make money doing it. If you didn’t see anything on this list that got you excited, that’s ok. There are millions of ways to earn a few extra bucks. Think about things that you find easy, but others find difficult. Then either teach them to do it themselves, or have them pay you to do it for them.

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