7 Ways To Make Money with Music Online in 2018

7 Ways To Make Money with Music Online 

Today’s musicians face unique, technology-driven challenges to earning a living from their craft. How can you make money when recorded music sales have been replaced with free music downloading and streaming? In this article, I’ll be revealing seven profitable ways a musician can earn a real full time income online.


1. Create YouTube Lessons

YouTube is not only a good place to make money with your own music, but also a great place to make money giving free video lessons. Many musicians teach their instrument to others to help generate revenue towards their own career. This can be a nice way to supplement your income, and allows you to hone your craft at the same time.  That can translate into big money if you monetize your video tutorials.

2. Fiverr Gigs

Fiverr is one of the fastest growing places for musicians to sell their music starting at only $5. It’s an online community where people can sell their services starting at $5 dollars. For example, the sale of beats, songs and other music related services for many purposes. Their services also have add-ons, which is where the prices can add up very quickly.

3. Create a Website

You can create a blog and write about music. You can make money by promoting products and services. You can promote links on your website, social accounts, and YouTube videos. Review music equipment, promote your favorite tools, etc.

4. Digital Sales

You should be selling digital music through your own website to make the most money, but also through online retailers. Keep in mind that online retailers take a percentage of sales (ex. iTunes takes 30%, Bandcamp takes 15%). Some digital distributors that place your music in stores like iTunes and Amazon will take a cut on top of that.

5. Sell Beats & Instrumentals

Musical artists around the world are in need of beats. Selling beats exclusively can lead to big bucks, but there’s also a business model in leasing beats that are sold to multiple artists.

6. Sell Ebooks

If you have experience in making music, you can create a helpful eBook for other music-makers like yourself. Share your knowledge and get paid for it!

7. Sell Physical Products

You can sell clothing, hats, music gear, stickers, mugs, cards, and much more.


In conclusion

These jobs may have once been reserved for people with a background in technology, or Internet geniuses, but these days there are enough resources online that pretty much anyone can make money from their computers. The great thing about computer work is that you can start it in your free time, while you’re still working your normal job. If your online business takes off, you can retire to a life of digital freedom.

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