Affilorama Review – Legit Or Scam ?

Product Name: Affilorama
Category: E-business & E-marketing
Developer: Mark Ling
Price: Free for Basic! No credit card needed.
Upsells: $67/month, $197 & $997
Refund Rate: 2.2%
Special Offer: Yes – Click here for more information!
Website: Yes – Click here for more information!
Refund Policy: 60 Days, no-question asked guarantee.

What is Affilorama ?

You’ll find that Affilorama is basically a website that was started by Mark Ling in 2005 is a community that gives training instructions, guidance, tools, and helpful tips that are associated with affiliate internet marketing. The purpose and goal of the Affilorama website is to assist beginner online affiliate marketers to develop their internet business from scratch. Affilorama also provides free training program material  that is intended for newbie online affiliate marketers.affilorama_premium_with_tools-300x198

Premium membership, in addition to more advanced training material, also includes the ability to access AffiloBlueprint, which happens to be a 12-week course that is made of 40 videos created to take you through building a successful affiliate website step-by-step.

Affilorama is probably one of the better products within the affiliate marketing industry at keeping up (although they don’t always do the best job) and with this review I’ll be going  through the program in along with many of the additional “upsells” in this particular affiliate marketing product.

But first of all, I’d like to provide you with a quick overview of the positives and negatives when it comes to this program. Then I’ll get into details regarding the various features of the Affilorama membership.


What’s inside Affilorama ?

Affilorama’s training starts off with the initial basic free program which is made up of videos along with some other other online tools to follow step-by-step.  Additionally there are several software apps which can be used as well as. ( analysis tools and site ranking).
The Premium level of Affilorama offers interviews with various successful Internet Entrepreneurs, bootcamp, videos and added training.

  • You get 100 lessons that teach various subjects such as (site building, SEO, PPC, email marketing and more)
  • You get access to Affilorama’s forums ( that is one of the largest affiliate marketing forums online)
  • A virtual “lesson book” so that you can keep a record of the training sessions you have already covered, and thus keeping you on track.
  • The Affilorama Premium level includes content that has been created specifically for your selected niche.
  • Premium Level includes Affilorama Jetpack (this is the customized website creation and hosting package)
  • Affilorama Premium level also has the Affilorama Theme which is another part of that service.

Pros of Affilorama ?

  • Easy to follow educational resources including software applications
  • Access to one of the largest affiliate marketing communities
  • Free option allows you to explore the basics without investment
  • You can get started for free with a $0 cost membership account and explore it first
  • Truly teaches you in train zero how to make money through affiliate marketing with no B.S.

Best of all, the videos are very good, the course is aimed at beginners, they keep it simple.

Cons of Affilorama ? 

  • Too many options can make choosing the right program difficult
  • Basic program is quite limited compared to the paid programs
  • Some blatant misinformation (and harmful) training to your business
  • Program costs can become really expensive once you start adding in the additional “offerings” & upsells
  • Your “support” is handed off to a support team, you don’t get to connect with Mark directly

The Cost of Affilorama ?

f you need it there is a link below to get a free basic Affilorama account to see what they have to offer.  If you like what you see you can, then sign up for a 30 day $1 trial.

Sign up for your free Affilorama account!

It’s a shame that Affilorama needs to get your credit card info by requesting a $1 trial period charge. This is simply because more people continue with a program if they have made some form of commitment. After the 30 day trial there is a recurring charge of $67 per month. If you sign up for the $1 free trial the $67 is automatically debited from your credit card the month after.

The 3 other products that you can purchase within Affilorama besides the $67 monthly membership are: Affiloblueprint $197, AffilTheme $97  and AffiloJetpack $997.


If you are looking to grow your online business by creating effective marketing pages and sites to help you increase you conversions and reputation, you will find Affilorama is your choice.


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