Work From No Home Review – Legit Or Scam ?

 Launch Date: August 3 rd @ 12 AM EST
Product Name: Work From No Home
Category: E-business & E-marketing
Product Developers: Peng Joon & John Chow
Normal Price: $37.00
Refund Policy: 60 Days, no-question asked guarantee.
Refund Rate: 2.2%
Official Website: Click here for more information!
Special Offer: Yes – Click here for more information!
 Rating: 4 / 5

This review will focus on the contents of Work From No Home and how it could help you along the way to generating income online. I will also include my analysis on the overall value of the product.

To kick off this review let’s say that like other systems, Work From No Home aims to guide you in setting up money making websites that run on autopilot after SEO (search engine optimization).

Where Work From No Home is different though, is in its organized presentation and its great learning structure, speeding up the path to success. This is probably just one reason why the product has seen coverage by the media, and is probably the reason you searched for this review.


What is Work From No Home ?

Work From No Home, by Peng Joon and John Chow, is a complete 30 day training course that guides you on your way to running your own affiliate marketing business in order to work from home, or no home! This product gets hailed as an effective system for those that wish to get started in the world of internet marketing, and for those who would like to refine their skills. But is it a scam? Find out in this review.

How Does It Work?

Work From No Home is a coaching tool of video and text lessons and expects you to study, pay attention and do the work to build your own products or source another person’s product(s) and build sites that turn out to be gateways for you to generating income.

Work From No Home is a comprehensive step-by-step, A-Z training program that teaches you significant things about online marketing such as:

  • Building a website,
  • How to push traffic towards your website,
  • Which keywords are most beneficial,
  • How to better position your site in search engines,
  • How to pick products you want to advertise,
  • Outsourcing the development of your product(s)
  • How to promote your products,
  • How to avoid common errors made by new starts.


What’s inside Work From No Home ?

Work From No Home features a comprehensive PDF guide book, with all the info you need in text format, illustrated with pictures. But if that isn’t your style, included is a video course that provides live demonstrations on the techniques discussed in the main guide, ensuring that you can execute them with no mistakes. I find this to be a great feature for all types of learners, and a bonus to those who prefer to simply sit back and relax and have someone show you what to do rather than just reading tons of text.

Work From No Home also provides professional templates with PLR (Private Label Rights) that allows you to edit and customize them until they fit your chosen niche, this speeds up the website creating process. You could just use free blogging platforms, but it’s nice to own and be in control of your content.

There are 9 different modules as well as a 30 day action plan to get you started. I really liked the action plan, as it tells you what you should be doing, and when – giving you an exact blueprint to follow instead of just training like most courses.

Purchasing Work From No Home grants you exclusive access to the members area, this is where the magic happens. Some of the topics covered in the members area are:

  • Picking your niche
  • Finding the perfect product
  • Setting up a web page with high conversion
  • How to get free traffic
  • Ensuring you’re getting the most views possible
  • Fine tuning your SEO for gaining ranks on the first page
  • How to keep replicating this process more efficiently
  • How to get others to do the work for you
  • Support services just in case you run into any hiccups

Peng Joon and John Chow have formulated the Work From No Home System to become a simple and logical step-by-step, easy to apply system, so anyone with no marketing and online know-how can get started in developing their own online marketing business.


What are the benefits of Work From No Home ?

There are many reasons why working from home is very appealing and attractive, such as:


  • Over delivers

Long story short, this was a deal breaker price for me. There are usually a few small bits of info that a lot of other IM gurus guard to keep to themselves. Peng Joon however, holds nothing back in the content provided in this training. This program will cost you $37, and if for whatever reason you are unhappy with your purchase you have a 60 day refund guarantee as the product is sold via ClickBank. You can read their returns information here.

  • Information is a breeze to understand and apply

I’ve already covered this so I will be brief. The way this course is presented is perfect, pretty much anybody could follow as long as they have a desire to become successful. One thing I love is the ability to come back to the information if you ever forget something. The main guide, the video course and the membership area provides the best combination of learning experiences.

  • Six Unique Websites in a Month

Work From No Home will allow you to build six unique money making websites that run on auto pilot within 30 days. Also Included are tips on how to stay motivated and keep on track with the system.

The possibility of expanding your business is limitless. If you manage to run everything well and you can control everything based on your initial plan, the expansion is always possible. After all, the sky is the limit and you can do whatever you like to reach your goal.


  • Information Overload

This could be seen as good or bad, depending on what way you look at it. WFNH is intended for individuals that are serious about creating a successful affiliate business. The mass of info can add some weight to this product and will take some revision to master everything inside.

  • Practice makes perfect

Creating a successful affiliate business will not happen overnight, and the initial confrontation with all the information can be somewhat overwhelming. It will take some time and effort to become accustomed to the world of affiliate marketing so be confident in your ability to learn and execute.

The Conclusion

The hype surrounding this product is probably why people are searching for a review. I guess these are the ultimate questions, does Work From No Home deliver on its promise? Or is it a scam?

I can happily say that this system worked very well, and while it is not the most earth shattering system of all time, it has a killer price tag. To put things into perspective here is a snapshot of what is possible.

I highly recommend Work From No Home to anybody looking to get started and making money online, relatively easy without much hassle. The training is top-notch and superior to almost all products out there and the SEO modules are worth the purchase alone.


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Thanks for reading my Work From No Home Review. Hope you found this information useful and wish you the best of luck for now.